CS 1014 - Foundations of Programming I

Instructors: Israel B. Cuevas and Andrew L. Mackey
Meeting Times: Mondays/Wednesdays at 5:25 - 7:40 pm
Location: Baldor 143
Lab Assistant: Adrian Cuevas
Lab Times: TBD

Course Overview

This course introduces the foundations of programming in the Java language for students within the Computer Science and Engineering department. Fundamental techniques of programming as a foundation for more advanced study in information technology and computer science are covered. Considerable attention is devoted to developing effective software engineering practice, algorithm design, decomposition, procedural abstraction, testing, and software reuse. This section will also emphasize programming in a UNIX/Linux environment.


Students are required to have a prior background in mathematical concepts at the level of college algebra (or higher) prior to enrolling.


The follow list contains courses that I have taught within the past few years.

Week Topic Notes
1 Course Introduction Complete the Java Basics Lab and Introduction to Linux Lab
2 Syntax and Basic I/O Complete the Standard Input Lab
3 Decisions, Logic and Problem Solving  
4 Decisions, Logic and Problem Solving  
5 Decisions, Logic and Problem Solving  
6 Control Structures  
7 Control Structures  
8 File I/O  
9 File I/O  
10 Arrays  
11 Arrays  
12 Functions  
13 Object-Oriented Coding  
14 Object-Oriented Coding  
15 Course Review  
16 Final Examination  

Assigned Reading

No reading material has been assigned. However, the following textbooks are optional and may supplement the material in the class:


The following resources are available for students to use.

Lab Work

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